The Benefits of Cricket Bat Willow Trees for Landowners 

  • Utilising Wetlands

    • Great use of otherwise unproductive low lying, heavy soils  - wetlands, rivers, streams, low lying wetlands.

    • No area is too big or small

    • Does not effect BPS and not classed as woodland.

    • Grown 10m apart, 100 trees per hectare (40 trees per acre).

    • Can be grazed with sheep 7 years after planting, or fenced off for other grazing animals.

    • Land diversification.

  • High Value

    • Fast growing, high value investment with proven profitable returns taking only 15-20 years to mature.

    • Free replacements planted after mature trees are felled.

    • Averaged yearly earnings of circa £1,200 per acre, tax free.

    • Guaranteed buy back when trees are mature.

    • Growing market value - there has been a huge increase in the demand and value of cricket bat willow trees. The current return for a well maintained tree has over doubled in the last 20 years.

  • Ecological

    • Carbon sequestration - recycling the timber into cricket bats ensures the carbon is absorbed, witheld and not released back into the environment.

    • Riverbank restoration - flood mitigation, riverbank and soil stabilisation.

    • Conservation - wildlife, biodiversity & sporting benefits.

    • We are continually building on our extensive knowledge of re-wilding and conservation projects, whilst working with the best advisors where necessary.

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