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 - Cared for and cultivated by hand in an organic and sustainable environment, we help grow Cricket Bat Willow trees, Salix Alba Caerulea, all over the UK.

 - Grown in wide spacings, 100 trees per hectare or one tree every 10m, along watercourses.

 - High value timber takes approximately 15 years from planting before harvesting.

 - The timber is used to make ‘English Willow’ cricket bats worldwide.



Farm/Forest diversification:

 - Good use of otherwise underproductive land: low-lying, wet heavy soils.

 - An investment with proven and profitable returns.

 - Low input with a guaranteed buy-back when mature

‘Green’ reasons:

 - Riverbank restoration; bank and soil stabilisation.

 - Conservation; wildlife, biodiversity and sporting benefits.

- Carbon sequestration; Cricket Bat Willow trees absorb C02 throughout their growth, which is then locked in the final product. For every tree harvested, it is replaced with a new sapling and thus, the C02 capturing cycle continues.

 - Keeping a tradition alive and supporting the industry. Craftsmen have been creating the finest bats from English Willow since the 18th Century.


 - There is no area too big or small to grow Cricket Bat Willow; follow a river, ditch or stream, utilise a wet field corner or low lying wetland.

 - Planting takes please every January - February.

 - We offer a complete service: Consultation, Establishment and Maintenance, through to Harvest and Replanting. 

 - Please Contact Us if you are interested in planting Cricket Bat Willow trees, or to arrange a site visit, if you think you may have any mature Willows that are ready to fell.

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