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Choice & opportunities for landowners

At English Willow, we are constantly looking at ways we can offer more choice and greater opportunities for farmers and landowners across the UK.

Our clients are incredibly important to us, and we are continuously working behind the scenes on new concepts and ideas that will not only be profitable for them, but for our carbon footprint and the countryside as well. We work alongside a number of professionals who’s support with these improvements, can not only see our clients reap the benefits when it comes to selling their mature Cricket Bat Willow trees to us, but also when we create new, or develop existing tree plantations for them. 

A couple of ways in which we are offering this are:

Well-maintained plantations:

Our well-maintained plantations mean clients receive optimum returns when it comes to selling their cricket bat willow trees. We replace every tree we harvest with a free sapling, and maintain all newly planted cricket bat willow trees free of charge, for the duration of the trees life.

Tree Waste Management and Carbon Sequestration benefits:

We are proud to state that we remove and recycle all of our tree waste, rather than burning it on site. Recycled timber and waste offers significant environmental and carbon sequestration benefits.


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