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Working with Landowners

One of the main services we offer at English Willow, is the purchase of mature Cricket Bat Willow trees, from landowners across the UK. With no minimum or maximum quantities, those with willow plantations can secure better returns from us, while reducing their carbon footprint. The timber harvested is purchased (potentially income tax free) to be processed into cricket bats, and we remove and recycle 90% of the tree waste, which other companies automatically burn on-site. English Willow brings new competition to what was a relatively closed market, and offers clients personally tailored tree buying and tree planting schemes along with comprehensive maintenance services, to suit their individual needs.

For each tree we purchase and fell, we supply and plant at least one sapling (known as a set) completely free of charge, and can guarantee buy back once they reach maturity. We are passionate about supporting the growth of these trees, and to ensure all replacement sets are cared for until they reach maturity, we provide free tree maintenance for the saplings, to ensure they reach optimum value by the time they are ready to harvest.

We pride ourselves in having continual, long-standing relationships with our clients, and support them, along with their ecological and carbon off-setting goals, to help turn their plantations into high value, generational investment opportunities for years to come. Because of the way we work, trees can therefore be managed in a sustainable and organic way, promoting biodiversity and offering better choice and opportunities for our clients across the country.

If you think you have cricket bat willow trees that are at or reaching maturity, we will happily give you a free quotation. Please get in touch at or by calling Jonny on 07901560459

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